Omega Renovations is a well-established, innovative painting and decor company which prioritizes client satisfaction and the delivery of a quality service above all else. As a result of this we have successfully completed hundreds of projects on all scales! We can take on your projects in a passionate way from design concept to completion.

At Omega Renovations, we strive to be top of the industry, and the painters you can trust—with all your future jobs. Contact us today for a free quote! Or, email us and we’ll contact you at your convenience!


First, we can help you choose the perfect colour and theme, then we can skillfully paint your home and after we will help you choose, hang and install the final touches. We believe your home should tell a story, it should be personal and unique to whomever lives in it and as eclectic and divine as you are!

Why Choose Us?

  • We offer - Dependability, and an understanding of the pride people have for their home.
  • What We do - See projects from concept to completion
  • Interior Painting - There aren't any surfaces we have not painted before
  • Exterior Painting - Fully prep surfaces for a long lasting job.

Home Interior & Exterior Painting

We recommend the best paint and finish options from Benjamin Moore, Dulux and Sherwin Williams and use Eco-friendly low VOC painting for your environmental comfort. We take pride in every job we complete, whether it’s touching up the trim in your powder room or giving every wall in your house a fresh coat.

When you choose Omega Renovations, you get our services from the start of the job right to the last stroke. We are available for all kinds of painting services including interior, exterior, commercial and residential, no job is too big or too small. We’ll prep the room, tape, cover furniture and floors and paint of course. We don’t believe in taking shortcuts, and will always ensure the work is done right - the first time!

Artistic Paint Finishes & Decor

There is something to be said for what decorative art can do for a space. We are talking modern and inventive ways of using paint like you would never imagine. The thrilling thing about that simple word 'paint' is that it can play a main role in what makes a space what it is. It is what puts colour into our surroundings, life into our homes, art on our walls and the possibilities are endless.

We have discovered some fantastic new ways of using paint to create walls with depth, texture, all over pattern, drama, shimmer, moodiness. We are not talking the 'ragging' effect anymore, we are talking what we like to think of as fine art on your walls. We call them our Artistic Paint Finishes and each one is made to fit your unique space.